Rich Lambrects

Rich Lambrechts (pronounced “Lam-Brecks”) is a engineer/designer who turned his talents to vintage Ducati motorcycle restorations.  His background of high performance open wheel cars gave him a platform of experience with exotic metals and composites perfect for making old things look new again.  His abilities range from hand metalwork to perfect hand done pinstripes and a thousand things in between. (He does everything on the machine except sew)  His development started at an early stage, inspired by his Grandfathers. One, his Great-Grandfather was the master pin striper at Packard Motorcar Co.  The other, his Mother’s Father, was a master machinist, also for Packard.  His respect for the work of the men that made the machines is what sets him apart.

Vicki Smith

Vicki Smith is a life long gear head. As a professional race car driver for almost two decades she was introduced to the need for speed and Ducati motorcycles fit that perfectly. While probably best known for her dedication to Ducati ownership enhancement thru Ducati.net which she founded in 1993, the numerous events that she and Rich have organized like “Zero to 999, Pasion in Motion”, the Ducstock National Ducati Party, the many DucatiDayDaytona’s and her work with Ducati North America keeps her in the center of the Ducati action worldwide. A noted Ducati historian, author and photographer, Vicki and Rich make a formidable pair with broad complementary skills that range from mechanical to motorcycle events, management and social media.  Currently, in addition to the projects she and Rich take on at DesmoPro, Vicki is editor of Ductalk, the Ducati webzine, continues to run Ducati.net and serves as chief photographic consultant for Benzina magazine.

What people are saying about DesmoPro

“Deja Blue”, built by Rich Lambrechts is a masterpiece which perfectly captures not just the look but the heart and soul of Old Blue.” …….” It’s really smooth and it’s got a lot of power” …..”The idea that Rich built this thing with nothing more to work from than what he knew from us and what he read is incredible” – Cook Neilson

“I am so taken by Rich’s stories of his grandfather and great grandfather and Packard motorcars. Those stories persuade me that Rich’s mechanical intelligence and creativity have been bred in the blood of his being. He’s a natural: an artisan and an artist–and an engineer and a lover of internal combustion. His is an unbeatable biography, the kind of history you want connected with your restoration project. His expertise goes far beyond the mastery of part-numbers and the accuracy and knowledge to do compelling work. How far beyond? Rich’s soul and being invest every project he does.” – Phil Schilling

“Exact it is. From the correct Venolia pistons, to the Morris wheels to the St. Christopher’s medal on the fairing and the fairing decals themselves, the bike is perfect” Richard Backus, Editor, Motorcycle Classics Magazine, on Deja Blue

“Immense bike building knowledge”John L. Stein, Motorcyclist Magazine

Rich has done a number of restorations for me and they are as perfect a restoration as is possible to make . That being said they are better than original but all of the correct parts are used so it is a 100 point restoration if that is what you want. The important thing is that Rich is the most knowledgeable early Ducati restorer in the USA and maybe in the world.”Jim Dillard, Vintagemotos Museum

Passionate, capable, and with great Integrity” – Henry Kellar, Askhenry Racing

“Our museum has recently become interested in Ducati motorcycles and have discussed this with Rich. We have been impressed with his depth of knowledge and passion for all things Ducati. As a small privately funded museum, we must choose our acquisitions carefully and value Rich’s advice and guidance. We feel fortunate to be able to discuss our needs with him. He is always accessible and eager to help.”Dave Boyer, Specialized Motorsports Museum

“…talent for building and restoring bikes was so evident. The fantastic work that Rich Lambrechts had done on his cafe racer Ducati project and of course on Old Blue.”Pat Slinn, Mechanic, Sports Motorcycles, Pilot – Mike Hailwood, Isle of Man 1978