Previous Projects

This 1974 Ducati 750 Super Sport “Green Frame” was presented to Rich for restoration by the owner, Robin Lawrence.  Here is what Robin had to say about the restoration.

“The decision to restore my 1974 Ducati 750 Super Sport was actually a group effort led by Ducatista friends. Consensus was clear “IF you are going to do it, Rich is your man”.

They were right.

From the first sight and ride on the finished bike, to rides now, I still can not believe how well Rich restored what I believe to be the authenticity of the full riding and owning experience of this incredible bike. Laps at Laguna Seca left no question of Rich’s ability to honor the bike’s performance heritage.

Rich’s work on the bike has been recognized by various show judges, including Cook Nielson and Phil Shilling, where it has won its share of best in shows. Yet another validation that the group was right, Rich is the man!

So my thanks and respect to you Rich for:

  • sweating blood on the details
  • your technical skills at the ‘Dr. Ing.’ level backed by your historical knowledge of design and manufacturing to get it right
  • your determination and patience to restore the correct and full function of its original design and heritage
  • your passion for Italian bikes that inspires your work and the rest of us
  • each unforgettable ride

– Robin Lawrence

This yellow 450 Desmo is an extreme rarity in the USA. One of the last few of the final generation of single cylinders the factory produced, it benefited from all the technology including better suspension, electronic ignition and a front disc brake.

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The Black 125 was built as a “Motogiro d’Italia cutting edge tool”. Constructed by Rich Lambrechts in Rino Caracchi’s shop using Franco Farne’s tools it’s DNA was strong from the start.

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